In 2011, we had the honor of being a part of the birth of what is now one of the largest flowerpot manufacturers in the United States. We worked with their founder and president, Ryan Mast, to develop a strategic business plan, a name for the company, and a marketing plan. “Bloem,” which is Dutch for flower, fits into the Dutch culture of West Michigan, and gives a nod to the design styles of Europe.


Through continued innovation in design and color, acquisition, and affordability, Bloem experienced rapid growth. Today they are one of the top hard goods manufacturers in the U.S. With growth came different needs for strategy, marketing, and collateral. What follows are just a few of the hundreds of projects we’ve created since the company’s inception.


Over the last six years, not only have we created multiple brand assets for Bloem, we have worked hard to keep their brand cohesive across all media. Above you will see the latest versions of their stationery. The orange flower logo has remained the same and still represents the live plants that their products enhance, their Dutch heritage, and a modern and simple lifestyle.


Bloem’s ads have changed over the years. Through different seasons the focus has shifted from products and features to people and moments, but the ultimate message remains the same: Bloem’s beautiful, innovative, and affordable products will enhance your life.


In the last year, we have focused heavily on working with Bloem to update their displays, making sure they showcase the artistry of each product in use while also providing useful information about them. This was a big undertaking because Bloem is passionate not only about these displays, but also about equipping retailers with strong marketing to sell to their customers.


Because these brand pieces hold such great importance, we’ve been highly involved in Bloem’s photo and video shoots. We’ve created shot lists, sourced props, created full sets, picked models and actors, and directed all shoots.

Bloem is our longest-standing client, and we are so happy for the opportunity to work with them. Check out their website to learn more.

“Navigate’s history with Bloem began with Bloem’s inception, and they have been an integral part of our branding and marketing strategies ever since. They have grown their business along with ours, and I have personally watched them accept challenges and improve their business model and service offerings as our demands increased. Navigate has immersed themselves into our company and their team has become a strategically as we’ve experienced rapid growth over the last five years. I can say with confidence that if you choose to work with Navigate, you would experience the same commitment to your business.”

– Ryan Mast, President, Bloem Living