Michigan Allied Poultry Industries

by Alex Tillard

Michigan Allied Poultry Industries (MAPI) is Michigan’s community of ethical, healthy poultry farms. As a leading advocate of Michigan’s multi-million-dollar poultry industry, this non-profit organization supports farms and educates the public on all things egg, chicken and turkey.

MAPI came to Navigate seeking help to spruce up an outdated logo, rebuild a website that was not user-friendly or easy to update, and create a new directory of industry contact information. We responded by creating design and functionality for each of these projects to bring MAPI up to date and help them communicate with their audience more effectively.

Along the way we learned a lot about poultry…and had a great time doing it! Did you know that Michigan ranks 6th in the nation in the production of eggs? Or that Americans consume more chicken than any other country? Or that 70% of Michigan Turkeys are raised in Ottawa County? Neither did we!

We are proud to have worked with MAPI, and we’d love you to check out their website at mipoultry.com.