FACE-book: The importance of humanizing social media

by Mycah Hulst

Human Connection

I recently listened to a social media conference where all the marketing gurus of the world came together to discuss all things digital. Here’s what I heard…

Find your 1000 true fans.
Bigger is not better. 
Quality over quantity.

This blew my mind and left me definitely doubting the validity of the speakers. However, I soon realized that maybe I had gotten stuck in the need to just get content “out there”. All of my efforts were centered around efficiency and entitlement, which led me to become desensitized to the humanity and needs of the consumer. Can you relate? 

So often we find ourselves, as digital marketers, biting off more than we can chew and doing all we can to stay above water, just so that we can save face on all social platforms. When in reality said “face” disappeared the minute we transitioned into the mindset of quantity over quality. 

I ask again…can you relate? If so, here’s what you need to know.

78% of millennials would choose to spend money on a desirable experience over buying a desirable product. Our future target markets are all about creating, sharing, and capturing moments and memories. Thus, all digital content needs to be focused on establishing authentic conversations and building relationships. People are not going to see the content you are pushing (shoving, throwing, spewing, etc.) if value is not found. No value, no engagement. As one of the keynote speakers from this conference mentioned, “Content is King…but engagement is Queen and she rules the house” (can I get an “amen,” ladies? 😉 ).  

In all, if you want your efforts to be effective, you need to remove yourself from the mindset of “just doing business” and bring marketing back to its roots: real human interaction and getting to know every aspect of the buyer. This mindset holds a lot of power and is what will drive your company to the top. It’s easy to remove the life-like qualities from your consumer when you are always staring at screens, BUT they can and will speak, so provide those opportunities in settings where you can participate. You will gain incredible brand insight and perspective, trust me. In the famous words of Taylor Swift, there is a “me” in “media”… and that is exactly where many marketers go wrong. You are the not consumer, they are. So, listen for the sake of your content and business.

Future generations are looking for authenticity and realness, in a world where the norm is just the opposite. SO, show up for your audience, put yourself out there, and meet them where they need you most. Help establish belonging via your product and focus on a digital EXPERIENCE, not just the media.