Learn from us.

At Navigate we believe in education. Each member of our team has expertise in a different area, and we love to share our knowledge. As a client of Navigate, our goal is to be transparent and teach you as much about what we do, how we do it, and why we do it. We don’t want marketing to be a secret, so we share what we know.

Training, Coaching, Speaking, Retreats
Navigate’s president, Rob Stam, provides his expertise to businesses in a variety of ways. He offers training and consulting sessions, one-on-one business coaching, speaking, and team retreats. Choose the format that works best for you, and learn business and marketing strategies from Rob.
Each week we release a podcast based on our expertise, a current topic, or a story about a client or Navigate team member. You can listen to our Forum Ipsum podcasts online, or subscribe wherever you get your podcasts.

Our staff has a wide variety of knowledge on marketing, web design, digital marketing, communication, business development, and more. We’d love to share that with you through our weekly blog! Most are written, but some are video. Take a look, subscribe to weekly updates, and get ready to learn something new.