In early 2016, Grand Rapids-based Crossroad Bible Institute (now Crossroads Prison Ministries) began a process of evaluating their organization, specifically focusing on how their supporters and participants perceived them. For nearly 30 years, Crossroads had great success in facilitating Bible-based instruction for prisoners in the United States and throughout the world. But the evaluation process exposed some weaknesses in that model, namely that it was not fully adapting to current culture and changes in society, both inside prisons and out.

Crossroads hired Navigate to lead a discovery and rebranding process. We began with several months of collaborating to dig into the heart and purpose of Crossroads, and to learn more about their target audience: people in prison, their families, and churches. At the end of that process, we created a strategic plan outlining organizational structure changes, a new name, brand narratives, and strategies for improved audience engagement. From there, Navigate developed the branding, marketing, web, and video assets.

Throughout this process, we were privileged to be involved in interviews with nearly 100 individuals, including prison inmates, law enforcement officers, Crossroads mentors, donors, staff members, pastors, and many more. It was truly an amazing experience. We had no idea how our perspectives would change. We were challenged and encouraged through this process, and we are grateful to have been a part of it.

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