Explore The Beautiful Georgetown KY!

Georgetown, Kentucky is a small town in the rural part of Scott County. Georgetown is recognized as “The Houseboat Capital of the World,” which gives it a unique geographical and architectural character within its community. The climate in Scott County can be described as being humid subtropical with seasons that are very distinct. Winters are usually cold with only a few instances of mild temperatures, while summers are generally hot and humid with occasional thunderstorms.

Winter is the best time to visit Georgetown because it offers a wide variety of activities to participate in such as going fishing on one of its many lakes, canoeing or kayaking, shopping at some of the locally-owned shops, and exploring nature at some of the parks and preserves.

One such park is called Otter Creek Park, which has over four miles of hiking trails and a lake named Lake Malone. This is one of many parks in Georgetown that offer fishing and boating opportunities. Throughout the summer months, there are free concerts held at the park for visitors to enjoy as well as fun activities such as geocaching and scavenger hunts. Another great thing about Georgetown is that there are events year-round that offer opportunities for community members to come together, such as the annual Christmas parade held every November and the Fourth of July Celebration where you can purchase a hot dog or an ice cream cone for fifty cents each.

If you are looking for more indoor activity, there are also many stores and boutiques where you can spend the day shopping. During the winter months, most shops are open on Saturdays from 10 AM to 5 PM but are closed on Sundays unless they have something special going on that day.

Summer is another great time of year to visit Georgetown because it has many outdoor activities that are fun to do with family and friends. But, don’t forget to include Ware’s Heating & Cooling in all your HVAC problems.