Georgetown Scott County Museum In Georgetown KY


Georgetown Scott County Museum in Georgetown, Kentucky is a hidden gem in the community. With exhibits ranging from George Rogers Clark to Junior Johnson and NASCAR champion Benny Parsons, this museum has something to please everyone.

The museum also boasts an extensive collection of photography including photos of local faculty members, early school classes, and pictures of Washington D.C. landmarks in the 1900s. If you are into sports, make sure to ask to see the Benny Parsons artifact collection!

The museum has a bunch of cool stuff! They have some really old bibles from the 1800s that are encased in a box with two doors where you can read it without opening the door more than a small crack. The neatest thing they have is the book that was owned by Stephen Foster. It has his name penciled on the inside cover and one of the first pages is torn out with some lyrics he had written on it (which are now in a display case). They also have an old bed frame made entirely out of wood, but it would probably be really heavy to move around. The museum also has a bunch of other really neat things!