Rebekah Rhys

Director of Operations

“My work path has brought me from worship director at a church to touring singer and songwriter to nonprofit director to now Director of Operations at Navigate. Coming from a degree in musical theatre performance, my work experience has been consistent with various areas of the performing arts and organizing groups of people. I love taking an obscure concept, whether it’s a song lyric or a marketing concept, and turning it into a full-fledged song or a strategic plan or process.

“I love performing. This might be surprising, coming from an introvert, but I love having a show mapped out and executing it to its fullest potential. I think there’s a really amazing thing that happens between an audience and performer that can be incredibly powerful. Besides performing, I love traveling, hanging out with my family, drinking amazing coffee and wine, healthy cooking/ eating, writing, reading, and ballroom dancing. I’ll show you some salsa moves sometime if you want to learn!”

Fun Facts

Family or background: I live in Grand Rapids with my partner, Rob and my son Brennan, who’s 9. Rob is a fantastic personal trainer and Brennan is a little stud.

Education: I graduated from Hope College with a degree in musical theatre performance. Prior to that I was (gasp!) homeschooled. I’m pleased as punch I emerged with a modicum of social skills.

What’s your favorite movie quote? So many to choose from. However, I’m going to go with “I am Spartacus.” from That Thing You Do. And the entire movie of When Harry Met Sally.

What’s the most unusual job you’ve ever had? It’s probably a tie between a house painter (interior and exterior!) and a

choreographer for a very small church production of Godspell.

Who is your alter ego? Alicia Florrick from The Good Wife

What are three things you enjoy doing in your spare time? Reading, Singing, Hanging with my “boys”

Favorite beverage? Red wine

Worst movie of all time? Any C or D level kids movie that is on Netflix at the moment.

Favorite book? The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron

Favorite spot you’ve travelled to? Florence

Toilet paper over or under? Over! Check the patent application.