Madeline King

Graphic Designer

I’ve just finished up my junior year at Hope College and am pumped to graduate and get going on all the ideas in my head! I’m a Studio Art major and do my best to direct all my projects into the design field and make it applicable to branding, packaging, or anything that can be used in real life. The best thing for me about designing is getting a physical print or product that you can touch after seeing it as an image on a screen.

I fill my spare time with “just for fun” projects that end up being a lot more work than I anticipate. I like taking my dog for walks and going on adventures to hidden places, bonus points if the end destination involves a yummy snack!

Fun Facts

Family or background: I’m the second oldest of four kids, five kids if you include our very spoiled dog!

Education: I’m on the home stretch of finishing up a Studio Art major at Hope College

What’s your favorite movie quote? “yup yup yup” ~Ducky, Land Before Time

What’s the most unusual job you’ve ever had? In sixth grade I was a Junior Zoo Keeper at John Ball Zoo, does that count?

Who is your alter ego? Ask my mom, she knows better than me.

What are three things you enjoy doing in your spare time? Walking my dog, designing with my mom, drinking coffee with my dad.

Favorite Beverage? chocolate milk. hands down.

Worst movie of all time? Bad movies are just excuses to take a nap.

Favorite Book? Ida B by Katherine Hannigan

Favorite spot you’ve travelled to? Anywhere and Everywhere in New York City

Toilet paper over or under? folded or crumpled?