Heidi Lohman

Marketing Coordinator for Tommy’s Express

“Tenacious. It was a word my mother always uses to describe herself, and I’m proud to say I have adopted the word as a descriptor of my own. I absolutely love problem solving. That paired with my need for growth and improvement have proven to be my strongest assets. My ears perk up when someone says, ‘I don’t know how this works.’ Whether it’s a technical problem or a less tangible issue, I enjoy teasing out the solution. This has proved to be a valuable skill. When I was a sales professional, I played a game with myself to see how many irate customers I could convert into content guests. This ‘game’ also led me to be the point ‘chaos prevention handler’ on the team, which led to being cursed at often, but I embraced the challenge. As an equestrian, the desire to problem solve and learn are continuing to take me to the places of my dreams. As a designer and marketer, I find fulfillment from being able to help clients refine their goals and achieve them through elegantly designed materials.”

Fun Facts

Family or Background: I grew up in the country town of Hamilton, but my parents ensured my 2 older brothers, older sister, and myself were well traveled and immersed into various cultures.

Education: I graduated Grand Valley State University’s Honors College with a BFA in Graphic Design and specialized in marketing, photography, and metalsmithing.

What’s your favorite movie quote? “You can break easy or your can break hard, Mustang” – Spirit

What’s the most unusual job you’ve ever had? Most likely working for my parents… They make their kids do the jobs no one else wants to. I have also restored old windows. That was unusual.

Who is you’re your alter ego? I feel like I’d be a strange mix of Jess Day from New Girl and Mustang from the book Red Rising.

What are three things you enjoy doing in your spare time? Reading, riding my 4 horses, and writing/daydreaming up stories

Favorite beverage: Chocolate Shake

Worst movie of all time? Kung-Pow. I lost far too many brains cells.

Book: Either An Ember in the Ashes or Red Rising or Eragon. Don’t make me choose.

Favorite spot you’ve traveled to? Kenya, Africa

Toilet paper over or under? Over. Or to the right since mine is sideways.