Caleb Eckman

Web Designer / Developer

“Early into college I discovered a passion for design, motion graphics, and user experience.  This led me to pursue a career in web, which combines visual art with information architecture and user experience. In my current position I get to design, build, and optimize web pages, which is definitely what I was aiming for after graduation. Nearly everyone lives and works on the internet these days, and it’s pretty cool to know that I’m (hopefully) making it a better place.

“I love to travel and see new things, especially when I get to take trips with my family. We’ve been all over Michigan, and I’m convinced that in this state alone there’s always more to see. Christianity has always a big part of my life, so I really like to volunteer and spend time with my church family here in Holland. In the summer I like to find new beaches, take pictures, or go camping. In the winter I’m either complaining about the snow or skiing in it.”

Fun Facts

Family or background: I’m the oldest of five, I’ve lived in cities all over Michigan, but am currently living in Holland.

Education: I got a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from Michigan State University.

What’s your favorite movie quote? “It’s a trap!” – Admiral Akbar, Return of the Jedi

What’s the most unusual job you’ve ever had? I worked at a recycling center while at MSU. It got pretty gross at times, it’s amazing what people try to recycle!

Who is your alter ego? I’d like to think Ron Swanson, but it’s probably more like Ross Geller.

What are three things you enjoy doing in your spare time? I love taking pictures, exploring parks and natural areas, or going to see the latest blockbuster.

Favorite beverage? Coffee

Worst movie of all time? Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds

Favorite book? Too many to pick, latest is Red Rising by Pierce Brown

Favorite spot you’ve travelled to? Sleeping Bear Sand Dunes, I never get tired of that view.

Toilet paper over or under? Definitely over.